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A belt is a timeless accessory that can transform any outfit, no matter if it´s from elegant to rocking or from sporty to feminine. We have belts in many different styles and out of different materials, from the plaited boho belt and the elegant business belt to the extravagant statement belt.

Keep your trousers in check

Belts are usually the first step to really having a handle on good styling. And there are tons of ways to wear them creatively. We’re always looking for fun, clever ways on how to wear belts that flatter our figure, keep things in place and help our outfits look as awesome as we dream them to be.

The secret to wear belt like a real star: with a shirt dress

It is really amazing that such a humble accessory can completely change the look of a dress. The best thing about wearing a belt with a dress is that it suits pretty much everyone and it can add feminine curves to an athletic shape and accentuates an hourglass silhouette. Wear your shirt dress, your floral printed dress, even a wrap dress with a belt and you will look awesome!

Type of belts you should have in your closet

It is clear that a look is not complete without a belt. A black dress belt, a brown dress belt, a casual leather belt, a smooth suede belt, a slim belt and of course, a summer fabric belt – you need one of each in your closet!