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Picking a signature fragrance for you or for something else can be really tricky, because you want the fragrance you choose to perfectly capture the essence of the person who will wear it. Besides, you want the fragrance to smell amazing. No matter if fresh, fruity, flowery, sweet or spicy, in our section of fragrances you will find the perfect fragrance for any taste and occasion in any price rang.

Choosing the best perfume according to the season of the year

You probably know that temperature has a big impact on the way a perfume is perceived, that’s why it is really important for you to make the right decision when choosing a perfume to wear in the different seasons. The perfume notes that go best with spring are light and fresh, like: mint, basil, orange blossom. Summer you must choose fresher and cooler fragrances to get the best contrast with the hot weather: bergamot, mimosa, rose, jasmine etc. The notes that go best with out fall mood are warm and musky like: patchouli, sandalwood, amber or oakmoss, while the best winter perfume notes are: vanilla, cinnamon, incense and spices.

Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette?

Usually, Eau de Parfum is really for after-dark, for special occasions: weddings, cocktail parties – rather than for everyday. It can be quite strong so apply lightly for day.

Eau de Toilette, on the other side is lighter and usually sold in spray bottles. It is ideal for work, for interviews or for when you want to wear scent for your personal pleasure.

Match Perfume to your clothing style!

If your style falls into the classic category, you should look for scents that are more traditional with floral elements. If you prefer sporty, relaxed style, choose scents that have citrusy, green and fruity elements. If your style is sexy, elegant, if you wear more often evening dresses for the special occasions in your life, go for a perfume that has sensual overtones with a combination of florals and spices.