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Ties are the timeless and classic accompanist for any business suit. Be boardroom ready with classic, business ties or go creative with colorful patterns and designs.

Why choosing a tie?

Few fashion accessories can enhance an outfit like a necktie. That’s why every man should have at least a dozen good ties in his wardrobe. We all agree that when it comes to adding a finishing touch to an elegant look a tie is the perfect option. Just keep in mind to buy neckwear that is of the right proportion for your body and is of a color and pattern that works well with your shirts and suits.

How to match a tie to your suits

The first step is color. Usually, warm colors exhibit vibrance, such as red, orange and yellow, while cooler colors are associated with calm, such as blue, green and purple. Similar to colors, you ideally want your tie pattern to create an element of contrast with the shirt and suit you are going to wear. As a general rule, avoid mixing and matching three patterns and many colors as it could be overkill! Just keep it simple!

Bow tie – a fashion accessory to consider?

A man who wears a bow tie exudes class and sophistication. He is a man who is not afraid to occasionally step outside his comfort zone. And the good news is that nowadays you can incorporate a bow tie into outfits for a variety of events: work, cocktail parties and casual everyday wear. The perfect bow tie can transform your outfit from unimaginative to quirky and confident.