5 Tips To Stay In Shape This Winter

A person jogging in a winter park, wearing appropriate winter workout gear.

Staying in shape during the winter can be a real challenge for a lot of us.

There are several reasons we tend to gain weight during this particular season, from spending more time indoors to eating a little too much party food or partaking in too many holiday feasts. There’s a certain level of comfort to simply taking a break, relaxing and indulging a bit in the comfort of a warm home. However, for those who would rather avoid the typical challenges relating to winter weight gain, we have a few tips for how you can stay in shape through the season.

1. Join The Nearest Gym

Exercising outside is a lot more difficult when the weather is cold and the days are short, and in some climates it’s completely off the table. So, in order to keep up your fitness efforts, the most logical response is to join a gym and do your workouts inside. Don’t just join any gym, though. Studies have actually shown that living near your gym will make you work out more, so try to join the nearest one possible.

2. Find Healthy Alternatives To Holiday Treats

Prepare nutritious winter meals with fresh produce for a balanced diet during cold months.

Holiday treats and feasts are a reality of this part of year for a lot of people. However, healthy alternatives are typically easy enough. Instead of boxes of candies and chocolates, try to fill your home with berries and fruits, or perhaps a little bit of dark chocolate. If you or your family have a customary meal revolving around red meat or pasta, try something like a lean chicken dish instead. Healthy alternatives are never that difficult to come up with if you take the time to consider them and browse the stores.

3. Turn To Apps

Apps aren’t always appealing to people who are serious about fitness. They can seem like lazy alternatives to gym sessions or personal trainers. However, if you do happen to feel this way, you may want to take a fresh look through the app store. Over time some really excellent programs have developed, and some of them are completely free to use. These apps are often designed to provide you with workouts, from yoga routines to high-intensity interval training, that you can do at home with minimal equipment. Having some of these exercises in your pocket – literally – gives you a great way to keep unwanted pounds off throughout the winter.

Indoor workouts with yoga and light weights. Use fitness apps to guide your exercise routine at home

4. Turn To Games

Similar to apps, there are games that can be twisted into workout routines, with the most popular examples being decks of cards used to dictate workouts. For instance, some play a push-up game in which each card flipped over tells you how many to do, and you alternate with a partner. You can also design your own twists on this though. Slot machines are an easy alternative, given that you can find free games online and don’t have to pay to play. You can arrange a game such that each icon on a slot reel corresponds with a specific exercise, and do them as they come up. You can also turn to mobile games with survival aspects, play a session and then do a cardio exercise for the length of time you lasted, before playing another session. There are all kinds of fun options in this category.

5. Bundle Up & Walk

Finally, don’t give up on the outdoors completely! Just because it might be a little too cold to go for a long run or play outdoor sports doesn’t mean you can’t stretch your legs. Unless you live where it’s really cold, you almost always have the option of bundling up and going for a long walk. So long as you mix it in with more comprehensive workouts, this is a great way to help keep weight off.

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